The Experimental Nexus for Free Societies

Technology is increasingly being deployed as a tool of oppression, manipulation, and control. We are more vulnerable than ever to surveillance, hacking, theft of intellectual property, disinformation, and subversion of our sociological DNA. We need innovation to oppose these forces. But oftentimes, unorthodox solutions for contemporary challenges don't fit traditional molds.

we're willing to bet early.

At ex/ante, we’ve created an experimental sandbox for inventive teams to build solutions that advance free societies and counter authoritarianism. We bet early on novel technology that advances democratic values and individual rights. We seek to restore personal control over assets, data, and networks. We provide the right resources to kick-start, build, and scale these concepts—leveraging diverse partners and risk-forward capital.
We are taking up the fight against digital authoritarianism. 
We seek to combat censorship, surveillance, and manipulation.
We believe in a world where Individual Control over assets & data is decentralized and Universal.
Limitless opportunities for renegade thinkers to ensure that their radical ideas won’t fall through the cracks. 
Ex Ante (n.) | ˌeks ˈantē | "before the event"
based on forecasts and expectations about the future

Have a Solution? 

ex/ante is incubated by Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt that bets early on exceptional people making the world better.