We’re building a team of former operators, policymakers, technologists, and investors who share our mission and values. Our core team is supported by a broader network of expert advisors, founders, and researchers on the bleeding edge of innovation that supports human agency.

Zoe Weinberg

Founder & managing partner of ex/ante. Previously, Zoe served on the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence and at Google AI. Prior she focused on national security, working in Mosul Iraq during the counter-ISIL operation in 2017. She was an investor at the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank and at Goldman Sachs.

Her work on national security has been published in the New York Times and Foreign Affairs and she co-hosts the podcast Next in Foreign Policy. Zoe received her JD from Yale Law School, MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and BA from Harvard College. 

Michael Mosier

Partner at ex/ante. Michael co-founded Arktouros, a legal boutique dedicated to emergent technology and civil society. He has twice been the first in-house counsel at tech companies: Espresso Systems, building configurable private computation and decentralized sequencing, and Chainalysis, developing blockchain analytics.

In public service, Michael served as Acting Director (Deputy Director & Digital Innovation Officer) of the U.S. Treasury’s FinCEN, driving initiatives on privacy and digital identity to improve the resilience and opportunity of the financial system. He also was Counselor (cybersecurity & emerging technology) to the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, a Deputy Chief in the Department of Justice, a Director at the White House National Security Council, and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center.